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A huge shout out and thank you to our Tia Eli for doing an amazing job of crafting up most of the decor for the birthday hoe down.  We were talking on the phone a couple weeks before the party and I mentioned how I thought pinwheels would be a great kiddie thing to do for the party.  The website I found had a couple of steps that made it sound like a piece of cake.  Its a good thing she didn’t kill me after this drove her nuts for a week or so.  But she prevailed and in an awesome way.  The baby just LOVED the birthday hats she added to the mix and in particular the one made just for her with trailing streamers (Piglet even got a hat for this party).  Finishing the decorations was an entire family affair.  The baby shredded the different colors of paper and filled the jars herself.  My mom did the tissue pom poms and helped glue hats and stuff.  Grandmommy helped with the pennants and my Dad made more signage using the paper.  It was like a decoration party before the party.  Luis and my Dad did a fantastic job hanging paper lanterns up on fishing wire with an intricate weblike design to the setting.  Man, I just can’t do the decor justice.  I was standing in the hall taking pictures thinking that this is more elaborate than the previous parties we’ve thrown and it was only supposed to be a small celebration.  The husband doesn’t think I know how to do small anymore.  Anyway, it was so well worth it to see the family work together than just buying something pre-made.  At least for me - the wannabe Martha Stewart….

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